Gerard MCMAHON is Senior Advisor to ZZ Capital International Corporate Finance Limited. He is qualified as a barrister both in Hong Kong and in New South Wales. MCMAHON has specialized in company law, securities and banking law and takeovers and mergers regulations. He was Chief Counsel, Executive Director and a Member of the Board of the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission (“SFC”) from 1989 to 1996, a member of the Hong Kong Takeovers Panel and the representative of the SFC on the Hong Kong Standing Committee on Company Law Reform. MCMAHON (CE. No.: AEA410) acts as our Responsible Officer for Types 1, 4, 6 and 9 regulated activities of ZZCI CF.

Ada Chua is an Executive Director for Asset Management and Hong Kong SFC Type 4 and Type 9 Responsible Officer. CHUA was a director /co-chief investment officer at China Galaxy International Asset Management. She was also an executive director at Cinda International Asset Management. CHUA joined Jades Capital Management as a director and co-portfolio manager to manage a private Asia fund. Earlier in her careers, she was a research manager at Nomura Securities in Shanghai.

CHUA holds an MSc in Finance from Baruch College, City University of New York and a BA with honors from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. CHUA acts as our Responsible Officer (CE. No.: AAI500) for Types 4 and 9 regulated activities of ZZCI CF.

Martin He is as Executive Director and Responsible Office by conducting Type 1- Dealing in Securities, Type 4- Advising on Securities and Type 6- Advising on Corporate Finance (CE. No.: AFD243) with ZZ Capital International Corporate Finance Limited since May 2018.

HE has extensive experiences in the financial industry including corporate finance, venture capital & private equity for more than twenty five years. HE has completed more than twenty five projects including mergers & acquisitions of a sizable gold mine, two diamond mines, and sizable pre IPO investment of the largest independent chrome mine from South Africa in the world. HE has actively been committee members of several charity organizations in Hong Kong during the pass fifteen years.

HE has obtained Bachelor of Economics and Master of Management at Peking University; Certificate of Ford Foundation Sino American Economics Graduate Class; and Master of Finance, University of Toronto, Canada.